19 Salt works

The photo from 1910 shows the Rosenheim salt works’ main heating house. The tracks were used to transport the salt away. A Capuchin monastery with graveyard stood here until secularisation in 1803. After the building was demolished the new salt works were already in operation by 1810. The saline water, the brine, was pumped via an 80 km pipeline from Reichenhall to Rosenheim, where it was vaporised, for which initially four boilers were heated, and from 1869 this even rose to six. The salt works with their company-owned social facilities brought the first major upturn for the market. It also contributed to the new Munich-Salzburg train line being routed via Rosenheim. During the 20th century salt production became increasingly unprofitable, and was terminated entirely in 1958. Of the erstwhile salt work buildings only the “Beamtenstock” or clerks’ building on the left and the brine pump house in Reifenstuelstraße remain today.

Address, location: Salinstraße 6