20 Rosenheim’s second train station

The axis of the new Bahnhofstraße ran precisely perpendicular to the symmetrical train station building. It was built in 1876 in the neo-Renaissance style as designed by architect Jakob Graff, and replaced the first train station on today’s Rathausstraße. The construction site served as an extended firewood store for the salt works at the beginning of the 19th century, before the tracks were laid here on the city’s outskirts. Turf was later used for firing and storage space was no longer required. The road connection from the train station to the city was soon installed and developed into a lively residential and commercial quarter. Together with Münchener Straße it formed Rosenheim’s new lifeline. After destruction in World War II the train station’s reception building was erected from 1952 to 1957 as we know it today.

Address, location: Bahnhofstraße 12