17 The “Messinghammer” site

Various mills and hammer works had been driven since the 15th century by the Hammerbach, a tributary of the Mangfall. A brass works factory appeared here in the 18th century, with its facilities being taken over by ironmonger Nikolaus Stumbeck in 1840. Further businesses settled in the immediate surroundings, including a foundry, a factory for soda, bone meal and ammonium chloride, a powder mill, a power-driven mill, a machine works and an armoury with copper hammer, which the Beilhack brothers acquired in 1857. The drawing by Ludwig Kergel shows the “Messinghammer” area circa 1850. Kufsteiner Straße with a bridge over the Hammerbach is shown in the foreground. Friedrich Doppelmayr chose a similar viewpoint 36 years earlier from the other side of the river. The building on the left, which was once part of the former brass hammer works, is still recognisable today with the rosette-shaped openings in the gable.

Address, location: Kufsteiner Straße 42 (traffic island)