16 Huber ropemakers

Circa 1850 Josef Anton Huber, one of eight Rosenheim ropemakers, moved his operation from the Schmucken area on the River Hammerbach to what were then the city’s outskirts. The canal had been routed in what had been the bed of the River Mangfall only a few years previously as part of the regulation of river levels. The new company premises stretched 500 metres downstream to what is now the “Mangfallpark Süd” area (previously “Nicklwiese”), so that the long ropes for agricultural and Inn shipping purposes could be produced. Joseph Graf drew the company building in 1855 looking towards the city centre, more or less from the observer’s viewpoint. The view below is from the city outwards to the south, and shows the extended premises circa 1880.

Address, location: Briançonstraße 5