06 First hospital

In his drawing of 1863 Joseph Graf shows Rosenheim’s first hospital on the edge of the old town, but still within the market moat. It replaced the old “Leprosenhaus” or “Siechhaus” (leper house), which was situated in the hammer works quarter, in 1813. The city’s population grew massively with the connection to the railway, so the hospital already relocated to a new, bigger building on Ellmaierstraße in 1875. A girls’ schoolhouse was also established here in 1875 on what was then Heilig-Geist-Gasse. A further school building for four boys’ classes, a school for young ladies and a child care facility were built behind it in 1887. An adult education centre and car park were erected at this point in 2002.

Address, location: Heilig-Geist-Straße 14