04 Old town hall

From the mid-16th century onwards the stately building with its three arcade arches and the passageway to the Nikolauskirche served Rosenheim as its town hall. The “Schranne”, or grain market, was also located here. With elevation to city status the population grew rapidly and the space requirements for the city’s administration increased. When the train station moved to its current location in front of the city in 1876, the city’s administration offices relocated to the old station’s brick building, on what is now Rathausstraße. The old town hall on the square was acquired by master tailor Johann Klepper. He had it extended and remodelled the façade in the late Classicism style. In 1907 he built the first folding boats here as one and two-seaters and consequently laid the foundation stone for the world-famous “Klepperwerke” factory.

Address, location: Max-Josefs-Platz 13